FreeDATA - first aid (for alpha/beta testers)

When you run into issues with FreeDATA, please follow these steps prior to claiming a bug.

  1. Run git pull to make sure you are running latest FreeDATA code. Even if you think you just updated a couple of hours ago, pull. Development is quite dynamic!

  2. Make sure that all necessary requirements are met by running pip3 install -r requirements.txt (in folder /FreeDATA)

  3. Update all GUI/Java related packages by running npm i in /FreeDATA/gui

  4. Run pip install --upgrade crcengine in /FreeDATA

  5. Delete __pycache__ folder located in /modem

  6. If steps above are not working, delete the config file, stored in your operating systems app directoy (example Ubuntu: home//.config/FreeDATA/config.json).