Welcome to the FreeDATA Wiki!

A free, open-source, multi-platform application for sending files and messages, using the codec2 HF modems

Where to get help?

If you need help or want to contribute to FreeDATA, please join the FreeDATA email reflector on goups.io: https://groups.io/g/freedata
Thanks to Alan N1QM, there is also a Discord-Group available: https://discord.gg/KNqMVd7fkT

You are a tester?

Please support the development by enabling the submission of automatic statistical data. To do this, switch on Enable Explorer Stats Publishing in the GUIĀ“s settings menu.
Here you can view the collected overall statistics: https://statistics.freedata.app/
You may also want to use a set of testfiles for data transfer: https://wiki.freedata.app/en/usage/testfiles

Found a bug?

Please refer to this guide first if you encounter problems: https://wiki.freedata.app/en/knowledge-base/freedata-first-aid