1. Install FreeDATA Server

Download the most recent version of FreeDATA┬┤s Windows Server Installer from GitHub:

This should be installed as administrator.

If windows Defender is warning you about a Trojan you can take the file out of quarantine as long as you trust the file from Github as this is a false positive. We are working on this issue. Its a known issue of a library we use: Nuitka, Info regarding this on github

2. Install FreeDATA GUI

Download the most recent version of FreeDATA┬┤s GUI from GitHub:

3. Optionally Install Hamlib

Get a copy of the Hamlib-Installer: Use a setup appropriate for your machine (w32/w64). In most cases, the latest available version will be the right choice. Run the installer. In most cases the suggested installation path should be ok.

Next, follow the setup guide you find here: