Message signing (HMAC)

actually under development, tutorial not finished yet - please count it as a draft

The FreeDATA TNC allows for message signing, which means, once you've exchanged a token file with your chat partner, your data will be checked against these tokens. A signature will be created for every transmission.

Create a token file

./ --mycallsign DJ2LS-0 --dxcallsign DN2LS-0 --tokens 100 example: freedata_hmac_STATION_DJ2LS-0_REMOTE_DN2LS-0.txt save the generated file into a subfolder, called "hmac", within "tnc" folder

Exchange token file with your chat partner

example: freedata_hmac_STATION_DN2LS-0_REMOTE_DJ2LS-0.txt

Message status signed and unsigned