Send raw data

If you want to send data via the TNC, you need to send a base64 encoded data string. The tnc decodes the base64 string on ISS, transfers it via HF path, and decodes it on the IRS again for sending via network. Base64 encoding is needed for usage with JSON strings.

Parameter Type Description
dxcallsign string AA0AA-0 - DXCallsign + session id, if no session id provided, -0 will be taken
mycallsign string AA0AA-0 - MyCallsign + session id
mode int as str Mode to use, 255 = Auto mode, 10 = DATAC1, 12 = DATAC3, 14 = DATAC0
n_frames int as str Needs to be "1". Defines the N frames per burst for hybrid ARQ --> future feature
data base64 encoded data as str Data which will be sent as encoded string so data does not interfere with JSON
uuid str UUID which identifies a transmission and its responses. If not specificed "no-uuid" will be set automatically
attempts int "3" - number of attempts for initiating a connection ( Optional: Default 15)
    "type": "arq", 
    "command": "send_raw",
    "uuid": "sjdfksndfkjsnd-123-sdfvlks",
                   "dxcallsign": "DJ2LS", 
                    "mycallsign": "DN2LS-2", 
                   "mode": "255", 
                    "n_frames": "1", 
                    "data": "<base64 string>",
                    "attempts": 3