Start the tnc process


Parameter Type Values Description
type string "set" Type of setting ( get or set )
command string "start_tnc" Command for starting the tnc
parameter object --- Object, which holds additional parameters
mycall string(6) AA1AAA Set the own callsign
mygrid string(6) JN11aa Set the own gridsquare
rx_audio int 0-254 The rx audio device as integer
tx_audio int 0-254 The tx audio device as integer
devicename string ... The hamlib device object
deviceport string "/dev/ttyUSB2" The radio deviceport
pttprotocol string "RTS..." The hamlib ptt type
pttport string "/dev/ttyUSB3" The hamlib ptt deviceport
serialspeed int 9600 All supported serialspeeds by hamlib
data_bits int 8 The serial start bits
stop_bits int 1 The serial stop bits
handshake string "None" The serial handshake
explorer string "None" If set, enable publishing to explorer (